Thursday, May 7, 2009


I am concerned that the general public might not understand the magnitude of criminalism that goes along with the preceding post. In order to really hit a nerve, I have supplied all of you with the following images that may disturb you. If you are at all offended, or disturbed by the torture of small animals please do not scroll down. This is your third and final warning.

The first problem here, this image was found entitled "Winner".
This dog is not dancing. Nor is he jumping for joy. This dog is attempting an escape
from the horrors of his every day life. Please help these small animals.

This is just offensive. This dog is a fairy. No wonder this dog has daddy issues.

Okay. I have a personal vendetta with this one. The only reason being it stole mine and Liza's over the shoulder photo pose. Clearly we Lindsay Lohan snagged this first you pansy panty-less slut. 


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  1. This is why I can never own a dog...I would be the dipshit loser dressing them up like this :)