Saturday, May 9, 2009

Stars! Theyr'e Just Like Us! : Or, Why Paparazzi Are The Scum of the Earth

Let me begin by saying "duh."

Paparazzi.Ick! [Note: to any potential paparazzo reading ... I think you're swell, I really do. Click "X" Now.] I am not a celebrity, nor do I have any proximity closer to them than happening to live in the same city. I claim nothing more. 

But after working in the media industry + living in LA + going to the grocery stores to see rack upon rack of paparazzi shots of celebrities with made-up backstories boldly glaring with neon headlings.... 

It would appear to me that our society is on a downward spiral - nay, a freefall - towards pure waste of thoughts and air and idolatry, that we may soon implode. 


What kind of barbaric, self-satisfying population are we where we care about 'celebs' so much so that taking pictures of them merely driving a car ... eating lunch ... walking a street ... or, as my absolute FAVORITE magazine, Us Weekly so proudly publishes evey week would say; "Stars: They're Just Like Us."

The above photo, of the delightful major motion picture actress "Uma Thurman," was accompanied by the charming and boldy assertive quote in Us Weekly: "Stars! They're just like us! They pack their own trunks!" .... Duh. Granted, lovely Uma seems to have an assistant hovering over her shoulder looking like she's quite upset that Uma is, in fact, packing her own trunk, but nonetheless.... 


I say we revolt! Close our eyes at every mundane paparazzi shot accompanied by lies! It is rotting our brains, our children's brains ... the minds of tomorrow are, right now, being reduced to mush from reading too many celebrity tabloids. This cannot go on.


I admit, I'm no better, nor is this preaching from a soapbox any higher than my humble readers. My office gets subscriptions to People, Us Weekly, and OK! Magazine every week and I eat them up like candy. Horrible, horrible, mind-rotting, rich-people-idolizing candy.

And it tastes like strawberry kiwi.


  1. "Stars! They read blogs just like us!"

  2. yeah. so stop reading that shit.